10 Hammersmith Broadway



The Story

Sex! Let's talk about it. Sexually transmitted infections in large metropolitan areas are on the rise. The repercussions of not mitigating the growing risk is frightening.  An increased global dialogue asks the question, "How do healthcare providers encourage their communities to be engaged in their sexual health while making it less taboo and more approachable?".

In 2014, The National Health Service (NHS), of the UK, rolled out an innovative sexual health clinic, Dean Street Express (DSE), in the Soho borough of London. This new clinic offered patients a central location, trendy decor, and high-tech workflow to ensure privacy as well as fast & accurate test results. This model was so successful, the NHS decided to expanded these types of clinics into other boroughs of London. The latest clinic, 10 Hammersmith Broadway, features many amenities and workflow similar to DSE with services and style tailored for the Hammersmith community.  


The Reveal

1 High-definition video featuring the NHS' comments about expanding the Dean Street Express model in London. Also featured are industry professionals and their feedback on the model.